Adult Asthma

Adult asthma is a lung disease that is reversible obstructive. It is known to be caused by a higher reaction of the airways to different stimuli. It can be very dangerous and life threatening if it is not taken care of properly.

Asthma is commonly seen in children and it follows them to their adulthood. There was a study done in the year 2008 that said twenty three million Americans are suffering for asthma. Twelve million of these said Americans have suffered an asthma attack.

An interesting fact about adult asthma is that the health care cost due to asthma problems in 2006 is said to be twenty million dollars. Smoking can make asthma more dangerous than it is without the exposure to smoke. If you are an adult smoker and have asthma you are urged to quit helping your health and lungs. Adult Asthma can be diagnosed when simply going to a doctors appointment.

There are many things that can trigger your asthma to act up. A cold or respiratory infection can cause your asthma to worsen during that time period of you being sick. Being around cigarette smoke or having allergic reactions to mold, animals, feathers, dust, and other allergens.

Temperature change and exercise can also cause your asthma to act up. By keeping your asthma under control by having medication or an inhaler with you at all times you will sleep better, won’t miss work or other important activities, and won’t have as many attacks.

Asthma in adults can be hard to diagnose because it can be thought to be a common cold.

It is very important to get checked for allergies and if you could possibly have asthma. The sooner it is under control the sooner you can get feeling better. There is nothing worse than not being able to breathe and enjoy your everyday life.

If you get asthma as a child it can sometimes go into a remission and can go away for good. With being diagnosed as an adult it is usually more life long of a disorder and tends to stick around. Maintaining your lung function is very important to living a healthy and happy lifestyle with asthma in adults.