How To Control Asthma

Asthma is an incurable problem that affects as many as 300 million men and women around the world. It can drastically impact your breathing and cause severe coughing that may be painful to your throat and lungs.

Luckily, asthma is also a largely controllable condition. While it is possible for asthma to cause death, the majority of asthma issues are more inconvenient than they are dangerous, and if you learn how to control asthma on a daily basis you will vastly improve your quality of life.

Asthma Control Tips

Asthma is triggered by a variety of different events and may get worse over time if not properly treated. The best way to avoid serious asthma problems is to use the following tips.

• Take Your Medicine

Those living with asthma have a tendency to skip their prescribed medication. But if you are serious about how to control asthma symptoms, you need to take the medicine that your doctor prescribes. If you are concerned about possible side effects, consult with your doctor and see if there are other options you can use. Asthma medication usually consists of one or two inhalers – one for acute symptoms and one for long term treatment and prevention of symptoms. In some cases, you may also be prescribed a steroid pill to prevent symptoms from developing.

• Avoid Basic Asthma Causes

Avoid situations that can trigger asthma symptoms. You shouldn’t smoke or be in the company of someone that smokes. You should consider avoiding excessive physical exertion, exercise in moderation, and avoid situations with considerable dust. There are a number of factors that can directly impact your health, even if you don’t have asthma. Avoid excess pet dander, pollen, smoke and exhaust or chemical irritants that cause discomfort when breathing.

• Consider Extra Precautions

There are other ways on how to control asthma symptoms. The EPA recommends that you cover your mattress and pillows with an allergy reduction cover, add ventilation to the bathroom and fix plumbing to reduce mildew buildup. You should also ensure that the entire family takes precautions against catching illnesses like the common cold.

• Get Regular Checkups

Finally, get regular checkups from your doctor. Your good health is an important factor in managing your asthma symptoms. Disease, poor health or ignoring symptoms of another disease can all make asthma much worse. By seeing your doctor on an annual basis (or more often if necessary), you avoid developing more acute symptoms or missing the warning signs for serious disease.

Managing Your Asthma

When learning how to control asthma, the most important thing to do is follow your doctor’s instructions. Asthma can get worse over time, but if you manage your symptoms with the necessary treatments you will improve your long term outlook.

It is also important that you learn what you need to avoid in order to successfully control the disease. Only by avoiding situations that put you at risk for asthma flare ups (such as smoking, allergens, etc.) can you hope to easily manage the symptoms and not let asthma impact your life.